MIAVINO Sensual (Our Story)

Welcome all PASSIONATE wine lovers! You’ve taken your first step into a new source of endless pleasure.

As young aspiring entrepreneurs it was always our dream to own our own business. We wanted to pursue a business that was close to our hearts, and we had a deep passion for it to succeed. My husband asked me “what is your passion”? I responded, “wine and intimacy”. At that point we looked at each other and MIAVINO Sensual was born.

As we began market research we found there was not a product on the market that combined the wine aromas, taste, and glide for an all-in-one sensual, edible massage oil. Yes, we found the typical strawberry champagne and grape-flavored lotions and oils, but nothing with sophisticated wine flavors, that were water-soluble, ultra-lightweight, edible, and that offered the superior glide needed to perform a truly sensual massage. It was also important to us to create a premium brand with tremendous appeal; one with class, luxury, and elegance, while striking that sensual, sexy factor. We also wanted to be sure it was delivered from an actual wine bottle.

So, once we had a clear vision of what we wanted, we collaborated with the top of the top personal care chemists, manufacturers, product development consultants, branding, and marketing experts to bring our MIAVINO Sensual dream to life and to market.

We decided to launch with 4-pallette pleasing, full-bodied wine flavors designed to take your entire sensual massage experience to a whole sexy new level: They include our Sexy Reds: Velvet Cherry Merlot and Sangria Mandarin Seduction and Sexy Whites: Passion Sauvignon Rosé and Chardonnay Crush.

Our products are ideal for all aspects of how you feel you want to experience your utmost relaxation. A true all in one, wine-flavored, edible massage oil. And, to further enhance your total sensory experience we offer companion wine-scented candles to create the ambience to take your sensual massage experience to an even higher level. There is no limit to what our products can help you achieve.

Cheers to your intimate wine romance!

Miranda & Frank Brown


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